Thank You!

This picture is a reminder for us… how the world, kids and life will keep coming between our marriage and God IF we quit. We gained a wealth of knowledge from marriage retreats and counseling over the years but you have taught us how to APPLY it and live in power! We realize we will trip over some cracks, and that there will be boulders to distract, and potholes that will produce pain and even sinkholes designed to separate us but even in those facts we now know how to apply the tools to regain our footing, focus to move the boulder, patch up the pothole and climb out of the sinkhole…. TOGETHER!!!  

Thank YOU for your heart and for coaching us to persevere. To shift through what we have been taught and apply the knowledge and live in the power that God intended for all marriages. Thank you for your obedience, time, humanness, transparency, prayer, heart and demonstration of Gods unmovable love. Whether it felt good or bad…. you never moved from Gods word. Thank you Coach Steve and Susie! We love you and thank God for your life, hearts and ministry. ❤️🤗🙏🏾☝🏾

“I forgive you.”
“I will not remind you of it.”
“I will not speak of it to anyone.”
“I will fight with Gods help to not dwell on it.”


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