Steve Meyer Bar Mitzvah

My Bar Mitzvah was on September 23, 1978.  My Hebrew and Bar Mitzvah name, Yeshia ben Meir, can only be attributed to God’s sovereignty.  The name is constructed as follows; “Yeshia” was the inspired name given by the man performing the circumcision on the eighth day of my life.  It means, “Yahweh is salvation.”  “Ben” simply means “son.”  “Meir” was attached to the end of my name, and is my father’s Hebrew name.  Meir means, “giving light.”  The name of a boy’s father is attached this way for the first time to his, and announced to the whole synagogue at his Bar Mitzvah.  My dad was my stepdad.  So the name Meir would not have been known at my circumcision.  These three elements state together, and not by intentional design; “Yahweh is salvation [by the] Son giving light.”  I did not accept the message of my Bar Mitzvah name until I turned twenty-six years old (Bar Mitzvah age times two).  Shortly after Passover that year, there was joy in the presence of God’s angels over this Jewish sinner who repented for all of his sins (Luke 15:10).  A religiously assigned faith was replaced with an authentic one in Christ Jesus.  My Bar Mitzvah name foretold, unbeknownst to me or anyone else at the time, what I would ultimately believe…praise God!

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