Steve Meyer Ordination

From Susie Meyer (my Godly wife):

“As I re-play Steve’s ordination, there are so many thoughts that flood my mind.  I see each bend and twist in our lives that God used to bring us to the point of ordination.  People and situations He set before us. There was so much to learn long before Steve even started seminary.  The Lord had put so many trials in our lives, using each to strengthen and prepare us.  I am so grateful for the Calvary Bible Church family and Pastor Steve and his wife Val.  Especially grateful for the endless hours he spent using God’s Word to disciple us.  I am blessed beyond measure with a man whose first desire is to be righteous.  Blessed by how he has become such a relational person and by his passion for counseling and teaching others.  Humbled and blessed to have my husband, ‘The Reverend’ Steve Meyer.”

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